4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Human Hair Bundles

Wigs are a lot less of a permanent way to change your look. If there is one way to change the way you look, it has to be by changing your hair. The word changing hair seems as unusual as implementing it. Of course, you can not change your hair without much effort, you need to put several chemicals in the hair and then later face the consequences too. But what if there is a way of getting all trendy without even having to put extra effort or without even destroying the texture of your natural hair.

Deep wave is an answer to this. Whether it is about protecting your hair from regular heat and damage or pampering yourself with a brand new look, the solution to this is none other than deep wave hair with closure. Yes, we know the closures are expensive, but definitely not more than the damage that is caused by temporary heating and damage to your hair.

Hair closures are made of premium virgin human hair and this is something that makes them expensive. Straight hair bundles with closures are also a great way to deck out in style. With this, you get to experiment with different hairstyles without even worrying about the damage. And as the hair bundles with closure are a bit expensive, making them last longer is the need of the hour. So here are few tips that can help you take care of your straight and deep wave hair with closure.

Always Use Wide Tooth Comb

It is very common to have tangles in the deep wave hair with closure. And not just deep wave closures, tangles are common in both, natural as well as human hair bundles. So whenever you and your comb get stuck the best way to detangle is by using a comb with a wide-tooth. Such combs keep your hair away from shedding. All you have to remember is, do not brush from the root of the bundle. Consider combing your hair bundles with ends in order to prevent shedding.

No Regular Ironing & Heating

Whether you have your straight hair with closure on or deep wave, heating hair regularly can damage it. Heat damages the quality and texture of hair due to which the bundles fail to last long. By heating hair on a regular basis, you may experience excessive damage at the ends of the hair which will further cause hair breakage. In case you really need to use heat on your hair, consider applying a heat protectant.

Use Chemical Free Hair Products Only

Water wave bundles with closure and deep wave bundles need immense care. They need to be washed once every two weeks. But again washing them with a chemical infused product will make the texture of the bundle worse. As mentioned above how heating hair with straighteners and hair color can damage the hair similarly harmful products that have immense chemicals can damage the hair too. To keep your hair tangle-free you should use light moisturizing serums and oil.

Wash In Regular Time Intervals

Deep wave hair with closure should neither be washed too often nor too little. Washing them once a week is a must. In order to remove all the dirt that may tangle the bundle, it is important to wash it carefully. Washing too often may lead to dryness and too little with causes several tangles. So consider a gentle shampoo and cold water to clean your hair bundles.

Endure your hair and make them last longer by using chemical-free products. Happy good hair day!

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