facial cleanser

How to keep a fresh skin throughout the day? Your skin is affected by surface oil, dirt and makeup on a regular basis. There is a way by which you can keep a healthy skin. Use a facial cleanser for a healthy, glowing face.


Why should you use a facial cleanser?


Here are some common reasons for using a good facial cleanser for your face:

  • Oil secretion on your face and sweating bring uneasiness on your face. A facial cleanser prevents the oil secretion and gives skin a comfortable feeling. Using a skin cleanser is particularly effective for skin care in summer. Even in the winter season, skin cleansers can act against skin cracking.
  • Your facial skin may constantly deal with polluted air. A facial cleanser can remove the dirt in the air from your skin.
  • Skin bacteria like ‘Sores’ usually appear as red spots on face. They are often itchy. Using a facial cleanser can help you against bacteria attack.
  • Dead skin cells are naturally formed on skin. Skin cleanser not only removes dead skin cells, but also improves skin texture.
  • Cleansers are better than soaps. The outermost skin layer of human face has pH value of about 5.5. A bar soap has pH value of 9 which just damages the skin. Facial cleansers are prepared keeping in sync with the pH value of facial skin. So, they don’t create any negative alkaline effect like what bar soaps do on skin.
  • If you use makeup regularly on your face, then removing makeup will be a tough job. Most of the time, the natural skin moisture is lost while removing the face makeup. The face cosmetics are made of chemicals that can do permanent damage to your facial skin. To retain the natural moisture on skin and prevent toxic effects of cosmetics, face cleanser comes into play. A face cleanser is also a makeup remover. The cleanser keeps natural beauty of your face, even if you use chemical cosmetics frequently.


Moreover, facial cleansers for any skin type are available in the market. They can work on dry, oily, combination, sensitive and blemished skins. So, you don’t need to panic about the negative or no effects of facial cleansers on your skin. And use a natural face cleanser such that it won’t cause any negative side effects.

So, for a clean skin for all seasons, have a branded facial cleanser in your beauty regime.


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