6 Qualities to Look for in an AdWords Agency in Melbourne

AdWords Agency in Melbourne

With an ineffective Google AdWords (now Google Ads) campaign, a client business may spend a lot of money with no satisfying returns to their investment. But the opposite applies for a creative, masterfully launched campaign. It can earn that business some handsome profits, a dedicated local customer base, and staying power for years to come. But few companies are equipped to do highly specialised search engine marketing (SEM) work like this all by themselves.

If you’re a Melbourne-based entrepreneur who’s just learning about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it’s best to source the AdWords campaign out-of-house. Your campaign shouldn’t be done by just anybody—it should be led by team members of a dedicated AdWords agency. 

There are many marketers out there who can claim to be good with AdWords but can’t deliver the results you need. What separates the best local AdWords agency from those that are just so-so? When looking for an AdWords agency in Melbourne, keep these six qualities in mind. This list will help you narrow your choices down to competent search engine marketers—ones who won’t waste your resources on a lukewarm campaign. 

Expertise in the Field of Digital Marketing

AdWords will be a big part of your company’s prowess with its online market, but it isn’t the only piece in the equation. It’s always a good idea to seek out veteran marketers who can implement the campaign with a holistic kind of approach. Their knowledge of AdWords should come with an understanding of digital marketing at large. This includes knowledge of how digital marketing works, how it’s evolving, and what technologies aside from AdWords are driving it.

An agency worth its salt will know the value of this top-down approach. Moreover, they’ll help you think beyond the success of one AdWords campaign—like you, they’ll have the bigger picture in mind.  

Mastery of AdWords and Google Premier Partner Certification

That aside, there’s the issue of AdWords itself. Once you’ve decided to embark on an AdWords campaign, you’ll want a partner agency that can prove its mastery over the program.

The best credential an agency can give you is Google Premier Partner certification. This means that they’ve proven their mettle by hitting benchmarks Google itself deems important. If they’ve met their numbers with previous clients, they will have Google Premier Partner status to show for it.

Look out for this qualification because it affects your chances of succeeding thanks to AdWords. If you want top-notch pay-per-click advertising work done, don’t transact with an agency that doesn’t have Google Premier Partner status to its name.

Superior Analytics and Reporting Skills

It isn’t just the ads themselves that you should be paying for. You should also have access to analytics and forecasting abilities that will help you make sense of the numbers. Google Ads’ system is famous for its superb analytics functions. The ideal marketer should match these with sound, data-driven decision-making. This is how they’ll assist you in putting your name out there and improving your business’s profit margins.

AdWords campaigns involve a lot of data, and the processes are highly technical in nature. But your partner agency should help you understand what’s going on in your campaign. The right people will make it easy for you to envision the data in the context of your own Melburnian business.

Professionalism and Full Transparency

Though you may not be proficient with AdWords, you shouldn’t forget your role as a stakeholder in the campaign. You should know about how the agency is conducting its processes, how much each campaign costs, and how well the account is performing.

Take it as a red flag if the agency isn’t forthcoming about such things, or if they’re not consistent in their updates to you. Conversely, take it as a positive sign if they can show you how much work they’re putting into the campaign at any given time. If this is paired with accommodating and professional behaviour, then it’s likely you’ll have a good experience with them.

An Approach That’s Customised to Your Business

If there’s one thing that applies to both traditional and digital advertising, it’s that campaigns aren’t meant to be generic. The ones that really fly are the ones that are original, aligned with their home industry, and in touch with their unique customer base. That’s why an AdWords campaign for the keywords “pet grooming services Melbourne” won’t be the same as one for the keywords “plumber services Melbourne.”

A great agency will know how to customise the AdWords campaign in accordance with your business’s goals, audience, and key messaging. This is how they will help you find leads and make it seem inevitable that a needy customer found you.

A Focus on Revenue—Not Simply Clicks

Although clicks are the lifeblood of Google AdWords, they can’t be thought of in isolation. Only an amateur AdWords marketer thinks it’s enough to measure success on the number of clicks you’ll generate or how good your clickthrough rate is. All this will be for nothing if it’s not in tune with your business’s own sales and revenue goals.

Partner with an agency that will prioritise your revenues and your ROI over the click-related aspects of AdWords. The AdWords campaign is a means to an end and not the end in itself. Your collaborators will know this, and they’ll use AdWords to help you achieve the true goal: completing the marketing funnel and sustaining your revenues.

Start an AdWords Melbourne Campaign with Dilate

Digital marketing agency Dilate is based in Perth, but now offers AdWords services to Melbourne businesses. The company is a Google Premier Partner and a long-time expert in Google Ads. Dilate believes in clear targeting for quality leads, accurate data analysis and sales forecasting, and revenue-driven results.

All the success that Dilate has brought other Australian clients can be done with Melburnians as well. Hire Dilate to lead your Melbourne AdWords campaign, and get the most out of your pay-per-click advertising.

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