Amazing Facts About Cannabis That No Weed Dispensary Would Tell You

Cannabis, one of the popular and ancient domesticated and quickest growing crops has a long history with some amazing facts. If you’re a cannabis lover, you’re definitely going to fall in love with the facts given below- 

The first e-commerce transaction was Cannabis – It’s said and believed that the very first transaction that took over the internet and this fact comes from the book called What the Dormouse Said that’s written by John Markoff. There was another book written called ‘The Dark Net’ by Jamie Bartlett that has the same story. Now don’t hesitate to order marijuana or weed from the ‘recreational dispensary near you’!

Top-rated Cannabis lovers – As per UNODC, around 18.3% of Iceland’s population is a fan of marijuana. Nigeria and the US again have the second and third highest rates of marijuana consumption. China, UK, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Bermuda, Zambia, Australia, France are amongst the ten biggest nations that consume marijuana. Isn’t this amazing? Are you searching for the ‘weed dispensaries near me’, you’re on the right page. 

Bob Marley and cannabis – He’s a Jamaican reggae star who’s widely featured in weedophile’s posters because he smoked pot to his death in 1981 and was buried with a cannabis bud3.  Wait no more to buy weed online from the marijuana dispensary near you. 

Synthetic version of cannabis – DMHP is basically the high potential synthetic cannabis that’s developed by the U.S military in 1949. This one’s a pale yellow viscous oil that’s very similar to the THC and produces a stronger sedative effect than THC. The effects incapacitate one of most people for about three days. 

Bhang – This is quite popular in India and is an edible blend that’s made from the leaves, bud, flowers of the cannabis plant. It’s been added to drinks and food for 1000s of years and it features the Hindu religious practices, festivals, and many other social festive events, especially the spring festival of Holi. Not only this, but it also plays a major role in ayurvedic medicine and is promoted as a remedy for various ailments like vomiting, nausea, physical pain, and so on. 

To briefly conclude, there are a lot of people who think that weed is not for any good, however, if you look at all the examples and the amazing nutritional facts about marijuana and weed you’ll definitely get in touch with some amazing recreational dispensary near you.  Now you see, cannabis is very interesting and not as boring as we think of it. These facts are definitely going to make it even more interesting for cannabis users. Don’t worry, it’s really helpful for medicinal purposes. It’s time to stay away from the hassle. 

Happy Browsing!

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