Bipolar Ionization Technology and Its Significance in Covid Protection

bipolar ionization HVAC

Breathing in safe air is not free anymore because our environment is getting more and more contaminated every day. In order to stay safe from pollutants and toxins, you have to invest in air purifiers that ensure the best protection. Air purifiers are coming with improvised technology for safety enhancement. According to the size of a building, you have to choose a model comprising adequate efficiency of tackling contamination. Nowadays, bipolar ionization in HVAC is drawing the attention of customers because of several reasons. This recently introduced technology is unique and useful in many aspects. Before going further, let’s understand the significance of this technology in detail. 

What is bipolar ionization?

Bipolar ionization is a process of splitting molecules into negatively or positively charged ions in the air. It is meant for creating small ions using air molecules only. Air contains moisture that can also be considered as tiny vapour particles. A needlepoint bi-polar ionization device is capable of splitting oxygen O2 and hydrogen H+ molecules. During this splitting process, air particles are surrounded by negative and positive ions. Consequently, the air particles pulled towards the air filter to be removed from the air. Positive and negative ions surrounding contaminated air particles isolate hydrogen. When the hydrogen is pulled out from contaminated air, viruses automatically get neutralized. It happens because hydrogen is the basic component of contaminants like virus and bacteria protein coats. When hydrogen is ripped off, pathogens automatically die.

Bipolar ionization technology and COVID-19

A virus is made up of assembling a three dimensional network comprising water molecules, fats, nucleic acid, proteins and glycoproteins. Hydrogen compounds commonly exist in most of these virus ingredients. Through needlepoint bipolar ionization, hydrogen is isolated. It disrupts the virus assembly which inactivates the virus. COVID-19 is also a kind of virus originating from the CORONA family. Its lifespan in the air varies from surface to surface. If you have installed an air purifier working on an ionization air cleaner mechanism, it will definitely kill COVID-19 virus in the building. 

Why it is a better alternative to UV light

Ultraviolet light is also known as an effective killer of germs, bacteria and viruses. Microbes exposed to the radiation of UV can’t survive under an intense beam. Therefore, some people have started considering it a disinfectant. This is actually a wrong perception because ultraviolet radiation comes with several hazards. Along with killing viruses, it also causes skin damage, skin cancer and stimulates the cell’s aging process. Continuous use of UV lamps also badly affects our eyes. Moreover, UV radiation also chemically alters the biological molecules of living beings which result in DNA damage.  Bipolar ionization HVAC on the other hand, can be considered as a better alternative. It is safe for our environment in aspects. Ionizers improve the air quality index without causing any harm to our health. 

COVID-19 is transferable through air, water and solids. Its lifespan on different surfaces varies from hours to days. A building equipped with bipolar ionization HVAC can be considered as much safer than a building with a normal HVAC system. Even the situation may go worse because normal air conditioning systems circulate the same air for a long time that increases the chances of COVID-19 spread. Find a technician who can upgrade your HVAC system with bipolar ionization technology. Apart from that, don’t forget to consider other safety measures like hand sanitizer, clothes sanitizer spray and social distancing in a building.

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