Chanel IPhone case

The creator of the Chanel was a French designer Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. Actually it is a French fashion house. It was the most favourite of all in the France. At present it is also spread its dynasty in England, USA also. After the death of Coco Chanel in the year 1971, the 2nd era starts which is known as Karl Lagerfield era. In this era Chanel spread its innovative ideas in different fields other than fashion line.

Today many people are familiar with the logo of the Coco Chanel. In this two “C” are overlapping with each other. One “C” facing forward& another “C” facing backward. When we think about Chanel, the first thing that strikes on the mind is the various kinds of luxury goods, handbags, perfumery & cosmetics among others.

The interlocking double-c is not only the logo of the Chanel; it is also a fashion mark on the IPhone cover. It is also a cheap luxury fashion. It also decorates the IPhone with different colour & style. The shiny & crystal appearance of the case is mind-blowing & the glossy Chanel mark is very attractive on the case.

Mainly two types of Chanel cases are there in the market. One is hard case & other is the leather Chanel IPhone pouch. Hard Chanel case is made of hard durable plastic & protects the phone from scratch & dust. The main advantages of Chanel cases are as follows:-

  • This case is compatible with all versions of the IPhone 4.
  • In other cases there is a signal problem during calling. But when this Chanel casing is used there is no problem of signal during calling.
  • It protects the IPhone 4 from the scratch marks & the surface against abrasion.
  • It also protects the phone from the bumps, fingerprints & dust.
  • The anti-skid design of the casing prevents the IPhone from sliding down.
  • It is very easy to insert & remove the IPhone in the case.
  • The case is mainly made of very high quality plastic. So it is long lasting & durable. It is very strong also.
  • The perfect design of the casing helps us to use the phone very easily & one can easily control all the buttons & connectors. There is no need to remove the casing for handle the phone properly.

Chanel IPhone casing is available in three colours only. Pink, black & silver. Other than these colour texture print with crystal finish also obtained.

Chanel leather pouch is also available in the market. It is lot cheaper than the hard Chanel cases. Velcro or clips with pin are used mainly to lock the cover. The main drawback of this type of case is that to use the phone one has to remove the total cover. It is not long lasting & not durable also like hard Chanel case.

Price of the cases varies according to the market. Still price of the hard Chanel IPhone cases are in between 18$ to 150$ (USD). And the price of the leather Chanel IPhone pouch starts from 16 USD.

In the market there is lots of fake cases. So for genuine & quality Chanel cases always visit the official site if the Coco chanel.

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