Different Styles of Women Swimsuits and Bikini

If you are sitting on a pretty poolside or headed to the beach or ahead, the swimsuit should fit and absorb your figure. Swim in with bikini tops, one-piece styles, and swim bottoms. As an added bottom, you can also involve the attractive benefits of different swimsuit styles. 

Let us check out the different styles of bikini tops 

1. Bandeau 

What exactly are bandeau bikini tops? A bandeau bikini top mainly has molded or soft cups and boning to keep up the style. Choose a bandeau as: 

It is found in strapless designs which helps keep the tan lines to a minimum

The ruching and twisted fronts can help enhance the appearance of the cleavage

2. Halter 

A halter womens bikini top is basically a top that is tied or fastened behind the neck. It provides additional coverage, special thanks to the broader bands. You can try a halter style top if you are looking for extra support or wish to enhance the cleavage.

3. Triangle 

A triangle bikini top is featured with adjusting ties on both the neck and back for support. A triangle top does a lot of things like:

Addition of little extra oomph for women who have a small bust or are petite.

The ones who have minimum coverage and come with or without the feature of padding 

4. Underwire 

Bikini tops with the underwires have a shape of a bra-cup which are designed with built-in wires and adjustable straps for the right fit. This kind of top helps in enhancing the small busts with a proper shape as it is a great option for petite swimwear and offers better support to women who have a big chest. 

5. Flounce 

A flounce bikini top has a great flowing fabric around the front layer that is a fully fitted top below. This bra is great for offering a fuller bust and long torso appearance. Designs that showcases pull-on styling or the adjustable straps for an extra inch of versatility. 

There are womens bathing suit bottoms also. So, now let us check out some of the bikini bottom styles 

Side Ties 

The side tie bikini bottoms have adjustable ties at the sides and offer the opportunity to establish a customizable fit. It has lesser fabric along the hip area. Its benefits are that it is helpful for the minimal coverage by helping in elongating the legs. 


The cheeky bikini bottoms are the ones to die for. These sit at the hip and bare it entirely with a super narrower cut. As the name suggests, there is lesser coverage of the rear. It is the perfect bottoms for showcasing a sculpted physique. 


The hipster bikini bottoms are low on the hips as the name suggests. It offers a good amount of coverage, special thanks to the wide sides. One of the benefits is, it renders balance to the hips. 

The High-Waisted 

The high-waisted bikini bottoms sit at the higher side of the body at the natural waist. The style offers a unique cut that is drawn towards the higher waist and ample of rear coverage. The benefits include it is the perfect piece or retro style that additionally provides coverage in the tummy area. 

There are different bathing suit tops as well, which you can try! 




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