Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Business

digital marketing

Digital marketing vs. traditional methods

Internet is a platform that can help any business owner to interact with the target audience 24/7. Using traditional channels of advertising is not so efficient in the modern world. People cannot leave feedback, fill questionnaires, or get a detailed description of products and services in real-time through offline ways of communication. It is one-way of interaction that can be quite useful when reaching the local clients. So, depending on your goals, TV, radio, and billboards are investments that can pay off. However, digital marketing, with its innovative and advanced technologies, has become an essential component of the promotion tactic. It is a credible source of valuable information, as you can work not only with public opinions or the reputation of your brand but also to study and analyze the behavior both of potential buyers and the biggest competitors on the Australian market.

What are the most productive methods of web presence and promotion:

  •   SEO to take care of the first positions in the search engine;
  •   SMM (social media marketing) for delivering relevant messages of your brand, sharing news in your industry, and staying in touch with customers;
  •   PPC (pay-per-click advertising) for boosting organic traffic and for quicker entry on new markets or launching new projects.

Digital marketing strategies offer measurable results that are not an option for TV or printed materials. What are other drawbacks of traditional advertising ways compared to online presence:

The campaign cannot be easily updated. Traditional ads are not flexible, so you won’t have enough time to respond to the changes and update your message. With quick access to all web platforms that represent your brand, you can adjust settings whenever you need it. Thus, you always use trends and eliminate outdated techniques that don’t bring real and visible results.

Limited targeting options. Unlike PPC campaigns or SMM strategies, static traditional advertising cannot reach the specifically determined audience, people who are really interested in your sales proposal.With online ads, you can meet the needs not only of the specific Market Types segment but satisfy the desires of individuals by offering them something that they cannot refuse.

Poor measuring options. There are some systems to measure offline ad effectiveness. But it is still not so measurable as digital marketing metrics. Analyzing online marketing efforts is possible by evaluating page views, conversion rates, content shares, followers in social media, brand mentions, organic site traffic, quality of generated leads, number of CTA clicks, etc.

More expensive than online tools. Every time you want to run a new campaign or launch new products or services, you will need to allocate budget for ads placement in newspapers, for printing new leaflets and their distribution, or for shooting a fresh TV commercial. Starting a website, you also need to invest in its SEO optimization, pay for the work of content creators and web designers who can implement modern trends. However, presenting a new offer doesn’t require additional costs, so you can do it at any time. Traditional approaches may not give high ROI. But with online tactics, you will definitely have a good return that will be visible in the increased number of loyal customers and sales growth.

Can traditional and digital tactics be combined?

If performing SMM or PPC promotion plan is much more beneficial than printing posters, flyers, and banners, it does not mean that they cannot work together. Maximizing your marketing efforts in all aspects, you will get access to a larger audience. But to be sure you don’t waste your money and time on unnecessary tools, you must pick only a trustworthy digital marketing agency that will conduct analysis, ensure careful audit, and provide consultations in order to suggest you the best possible solutions based on your business needs and goals.

Picking the reliable digital marketing agency

If you want your company to grow, always define your objectives as well as the budget you are willing to spend to bring your business to the next level of development. You must clearly present all motives of cooperation with an agency. The second step will be to study service packages offered by experts. This is the only way to know whether you can build a long term relationship and this firm has the potential to become your partner. You should search for creativity, skillfulness, honesty, knowledge, experience, and dedication. Examine the quality of services by learning reviews, visiting the company’s website, and analyzing online reputation.

One of such agencies is Shtudio. Being on the market long enough, a team of competent web designers, web developers, SEO experts, and marketers know what means customized and integral marketing. As a result, your project will be carried out by professionals with strategic and analytical thinking, who can adapt to changes and wisely combine digital and traditional tools of promotion.

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