Easy Guide to Painting a Vibrant Animal Portrait of your Pet

This is an article intended to include ALL pet lovers. No more ‘cat vs. dog’ fights. We know how much you love your little munchkins, and we understand you want to spend every waking second with the little urchins. So go ahead, grab those paint supplies and make your weekend all the more impressive by spending some rewarding quality time with them.

First things first: Supplies!!

Grab your paintbrushes and your favourite type of paint. We suggest oil paints with linseed oil as they dry quicker but last long. But if you wish to go pro, grab those oil paints! 

Remember to have a good palette mixer in hand. 

What do you want to work on? Canvas? Wood? Ceramic plates? Wall? 

Let your imagination run wild. 

We suggest you coat slippery surfaces like wood with Gesso so that the paint adheres to it.

Here’s your cheat sheet: Keep a printer and A4 sheets along with a nice graphite pencil. Remember, the pencil lead should be hard; it should be smooth enough to blend. Oh! And your cell phone is now your new best friend…

Let the fun begin!!

Paint your background and whole that dries, go ahead, take that cute photo of your pet and print it in black and white.

We suggest Black and white print because you’ll clearly see the shadows and highlights then. You surely can refer to the picture on your phone for colour.

Now that you have your printed image, time to use that graphite pencil!

Trace the outlines with the graphite pencil firmly on the paper (yes, just like you did when you were a kid learning to draw). All the details you want to have on your animal painting now is the time to darken them all.

Let your inner child free!!

Yes, time for nostalgia to kick in while painting your favourite being on the planet. Place the traced image face down on your canvas and use the end of a pencil or your paintbrush to transfer the outline to your canvas. 

And voila! You now have an outline to work with. Let your inner Picasso shine through, and we suggest you make it as colourful as possible. 

In conclusion…

You now not only have a great animal portrait of your little urchin, but you have spent such rewarding quality time with your pet; we are sure they’ll thank and love you all the more.

If you don’t own a pet yet and just stalk pet videos online, fret not. We’ve got a wide range of animal portrait paintings for you to select from. Our animal oil paints are sure to spruce up your decor. We know our animal portraits would bring you joy even when Instagram videos fail.

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