Equality and Diversity e learning – A Must- have in Learning Cirricula

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The purpose of any learning needs to be clearly understood before being undertaken. This is to ensure maximum benefit.   

Ideally, we all need to commit to being lifelong learners. This is essential as nothing is static. E-learning obviously makes adult progression on the learning front far easier given its accessibility and flexibility to cater for a wide range of individual needs. One can easily pick and choose what is relevant and of interest. 

Never Standing Still

E-learning is updated quickly with expert thought leadership in a range of areas. From unconscious bias e-learning to diversity and inclusion e-learning there is the ability to seamlessly integrate topics and customise curricula. If one is clear on the underlying reasons learning needs to be undertaken, selection of what is appropriate to offer on the learning front is never problematic for organizations. Individuals and organizations quickly become proficient at targeting and tuning in to their specific requirements. 

When learning is made stress free, learners are more likely to embrace the content and experience the true joy of learning even with challenging material such as unconscious bias. Through e-learning, adults can connect easily with the ideas and positions put forward for their consideration. They also have time for reflection and can return to specific content time and again if circumstances dictate this. There are far fewer limiting factors with online and learning. We feel more at liberty to explore!

There is an undeniable comfort knowing that with e-learning we can practice in real life what we have taken away and also have the ability to instantaneously return to probe further learning if we have failed to measure up to our standards of delivery or wish to improve further. With e-learning there is no sense of judgement or failure. The environment is endlessly supportive and patient. However, it will still challenge, inspire and be demanding but in a way that is never threatening. 

Always at the Right Pace

Our values, attitudes and perspectives can evolve in an unforced manner as we work through online and e-learning material. This underscores the purpose of all learning, which is the unique process of self-discovery. This needs to be in line with our own particular journeys as we overlay our own experiences on the content offered up for our consideration. 

With equality and diversity e-learning it is extremely important that individuals own for themselves the outcomes for undertaking the learning. The more active participants are, the more they take control of the learning, the more likely they are to master and apply it. 

As the purpose of any learning is also to expand the horizons of those involved, certainly one of the main benefits of e-learning is to be exposed to multiple worldview perspectives. As we accumulate more and more insights into how others see, experience and function in the world, the more likely we are to approach situations with greater sensitivity, tolerance and better balance. 

With lifelong learning we remember what Anthony Douglas Williams said: “Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living”. 


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