How React Js can help you to create a web application

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Technologies are growing day by day and with the same growing technologies people are so interested to grab new things for their business, one such thing is mobile-friendly web applications. So when we think about web apps then React JS plays a very important role. According to the data, almost 95 percent of the audience prefer to React to JS.

If you are also thinking of developing a website or to choose a web application then you should prefer to React JS as it will attract more visitors and you can hire some React company for this. 

Let us understand what React JS is. It is a toolkit introduced by Facebook to create user interfaces. It helps the developers to change the components without rewriting java codes again. So React JS becomes a major tool that has benefits as well. For instance, it is SEO friendly, easy to use, and also less time consuming that creates a different aura around developers and gives them a sort of relief. So let’s see how one can create a web application using React JS.

  1. The first and foremost thing is to install the React JS project

Just type the command

* npm install- g create- react-app

*create-react-app we-react-app

Now you have to start the thing

*npm start 

  1. You have to register a service worker

As an alternative network between app and server, you need to cache the files. It will make your system function even if you are offline. You need to create a blank service alternative file by using some codes. Once you receive the message about success in service work this is the zone where your browser is supporting it.

  1. Now you have to inform the browser about your web application

Then the next step includes informing the browser about your web application by adding some codes and similar things happen with your normal devices. 

  1. Now you have to create a bootstrap react component

Now your step includes adding bootstrap in your project using CDN. So you can add the link inside the file. Finally, you can create an essential component for your file.

  1. Now you have to add Splash Icons

Now you have to add 512*512 images to show into the splash icons. For that, you are required to make a folder.

  1. Now you have to deploy the application in firebase

So now we need to understand the HTML codes are still necessary so we have to fix them as soon as we deploy the application in firebase.

React JS has become very popular in today’s technology world. Almost everyone is behind React JS because of its benefits; it helps the particular company to grow without the involvement of some heavy steps. Those javascript codes are still way too tricky for some people, it easily changes the components of the codes without creating any stress, and it is SEO friendly which means it can easily bring online visibility as well the audience to the app. Creating a web application is not a big task using React JS and hence it also creates an opportunity for the non-experts to build a good website.

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