Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Motor Insurance Policy

Your commercial motor vehicles are more valuable than personal cars. Moreover, they are the major source of your income and you will never wish to put any of the vehicles in trouble. While on the road, your vehicle always remains at risk of accidental collisions. Not only the risk of collision, but commercial vehicles are also prone to several other threats. 

Some of the most common factors covered in a commercial motor insurance policy are:- 

  1. Vehicle catches fire due to self-ignition or explosion in the engine. 
  2. Damage due to natural disasters such as landslides, cyclones & earthquakes.
  3. Vehicle damage in a public riot or strike. 
  4. Vehicle forcefully used for terrorist activity. ​

​However, there are also some limitations of these insurance policies. Generally, the insurance policy claim is invalid if there is damage in wartime. Also, the policies are valid within a particular geographical area as mentioned in the contract form. Therefore, you need to be careful while interacting with truck insurance brokers

Below are some tips to consider when you search for a commercial vehicle insurance company:

  • 24X7 Customer support facility

Mishaps never come with a prior indication. The commercial vehicles run day & night continuously for delivering services as per the expectation of clients. If any kind of technical fault occurs, there must be someone to assist 24X7. Make sure that the agency has a customer care department that picks up the call any time & makes emergency arrangements as soon as possible.  

  • Check previous claims ratio

Before trusting a motor fleet insurance company, confirm that they have a good track record of dealing with previous customers. Read the reviews of existing customers on reliable rating websites like Glassdoor & Yelp. There, you can get better information regarding their damage control policies. Always remember that many insurance companies give you attractive offers but with hidden terms & conditions. You will come to understand these policies when the emergency situation actually persists. 

  • A strong network of approved service centers 

Suppose the insurance company is committing for the adequate claim but you find no service center at all when it comes to claiming the insured amount. In this kind of situation, you have to pay the entire amount from your pocket and the insurance policy remains worthless. Before buying their policy, check the number of authorized service centers. Trust someone only if they have a good network of service providers where your commercial vehicles run more frequently. 

Now you can clearly understand the technical aspects to confirm before contacting heavy vehicle insurance brokers. Never ignore reading terms & conditions thoroughly otherwise you will regret it in an emergency situation.

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