Let’s Try Clean Firewood Burning and Contribute to Save the Environment.

Hunching next to a cosy and warm fireplace along with a steaming cup of hot cocoa and your favourite novel could be one of the best winter highlights this year. In the last few years, burning firewood has been counted as extremely responsible for the growing awareness about climate change and air pollution. However, when you buy wood logs from any of the established firewood suppliers, you can save the planet from the same. 

Today, we are here with a series of tips to adopt while buying clean and less polluting firewood. 

  1. The foremost factor that plays a huge role in this is the moisture content of the wood. Whenever you step out to buy firewood for sale in Sydney, always look for samples that are moisture laden and dried well. Options like cedar and pine are some softwood samples, which have a high amount of moisture. The reason being that they may burn long and release more smoke than expected, leaving strong pollutants in the air. So go for something clean this time. 
  2. For a clean, cosy fire, you need to purchase wood logs that are seasoned for a significant amount of time. They are far better than the unseasoned logs, which have more water content and are less clean when burnt. Next time, whenever you place an order for firewood delivery, ensure to have well-seasoned logs that are dry and sound hollow enough. 
  3. Age has been a consistent factor for millions of products on this planet. The same applies when you search for wood logs. Generally, what happens is that old wood is stored at the bottom of the stack and is more likely set apart by splitting ends. This simply means that the firewood is properly dried and seasoned and is good enough for clean burning. The older the wood logs are, the less they will impact the environment. 
  4. Another factor that brings a huge difference is the density of the wood. Considering high-density firewood, it burns more efficiently. Yes, you read it right; probably very much high as compared to any lower density log. Make sure to choose options that come with high density as they will take longer to burn, creating less air pollution. 
  5. Firewood seasoned and stored well in a dry place will always have a unique colour than ordinary greenwood. Most of the expert firewood suppliers share that they are dustier and grey on the outside and dry and clean on the inside. Eventually, this indicates that wood stored has less residual material in it. 
  6. Last but not least, clean, dry, and well-seasoned firewood will always have chipping or peeling barks around the surface. The flaky ends indicate that the wood is dry enough and will make as little pollution as possible. 

Let’s strive to be more responsible towards the environment by using good quality wood logs for sale. 

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