Make Your Wedding Day More Special With Customized Wedding Cakes!

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Planning for a wedding can be daunting when you have to take care of numerous responsibilities is undoubtedly a special day for many people. It is crucial to have a checklist to eliminate any chances of missing anything and spoiling the whole event. So if your wedding day is coming soon, then you get started with the plans and preparations for your big day without wasting much time. Cutting and aesthetically charming cake on a wedding day is increasing libre, becoming a popular tradition and is enjoyed by almost everyone. However, it can be a hectic task to choose your wedding cake from the wedding cake bakeries in Los Angeles. A wedding cake can be displayed to your guests as a piece of art and can be made a focal point at the wedding reception. 

The styles, shapes, and icing of the wedding cake can make all the guests drool over it before it is sliced. Cutting a cake is continuing to be a part of most of the weddings and is depicted as a happily married couple sharing their first official sweet bite as husband and wife. Cutting a cake is considered a grand moment considering the time and effort to design the perfect wedding cake.

Designing A Wedding Cake 

It can be e delightful to design a cake for your wedding as you can customize it according to your preferences and requirements. Additionally, your wedding cakes should complement the look and feel of your venue and theme. For example, deciding the tires of your wedding take according to the number of guests invited, or choosing the flavor and icing on the cake according to your taste. 

Icing Of Wedding Cake

Apart from considering the taste of the icing, you cannot ignore the finish the look of your wedding cake. Here are a few ideas to choose the perfect icing for your wedding cake:

1. Fondant Icing

This is a popular icing choice for most wedding cakes as it is versatile and holds up well in warmer climates or outdoor weddings. Fondant icing is prepared from sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and glycerine, rolled into a smooth sheet, and gently placed over the cake. The clean look and sweet taste of fondant icing is a choice of many.

2. Royal Icing

Royal icing is prepared from egg whites and confectioners sugar, which is used to decorate the cake and not cover it completely. Royal icing gets hardened when fully dried and is used to make small flowers, polka dots, piping, and other cake decorations.

3. Buttercream Icing

As the name suggests, Butter icing is prepared from butter, sugar, cream, and vanilla aur other preferred flavors. The consistency of butter icing is soft, which makes it creamy and spread easily on the cake. However, note that buttercream cakes are not suitable for outdoor weddings as the buttercream icing tends to melt at high temperatures.

Make your wedding day special with a delicious and beautiful wedding cake in Los Angeles!

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