Pro Tips On Buying The Best Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking to buy a double sink bathroom vanity top for your bathroom? If yes, then you might have already planned your shopping process. What to choose, where to buy, and other essential factors. If not, then your shopping is going to become very complex. Here in this article, we have given a few expert tips on choosing the best vanity for your bathroom.

Determine The Dimensions Of The Vanity

To get started, take your bathroom measurements to choose a vanity that will best suit the bathroom’s available space. Note the locations of the pipes, heater, and electrical outlets.

Also, consider the room traffic and the people who use it, especially if you have children. Make sure that you must leave a free space of at least 70 cm in front of your vanity. This is important to facilitate the movement, and the users can have trouble-free access to storage.

If the surface area of ​​the sink is limited. That is why vanity’s width and depth are important criteria to consider when making your choice. Manufacturers offer bathroom vanity in many widths. The width of a single sink unit, for example, can vary between 60 and 100 cm and that of a double sink vanity between 120 and 160 cm.

Suspended VS Floor Standing Units

There are two main types of bathroom vanity: hanging vanity and floor standing vanity. The vanity that is attached to the wall requires strong supports to withstand its weight. They can either be with open storage or with storage closed by hinged doors or drawers.

Aesthetic and modern designed vanity is on the rise these days! In addition to its visual characteristics, the suspended vanity facilitates cleaning the bathroom and maximising space with its airy look.

Floor-standing models with or without feet generally offer more storage space and allow more storage. Some have drawers, which can be arranged according to your needs (dividers, compartments, etc.). They are also much more practical in use: no need to bend down, it’s the contents of the drawer that comes to you, and everything is within your reach. However, it will require enough space in your bathroom if you want to install more than one.


In addition to floor and wall coverings, generally tiling, the bathroom vanity is the element that will determine the looks of your bathroom. Both functional and decorative, a modern double sink bathroom vanity is available in many different materials and finishes. Like- in solid wood with moulded facades for a “rustic” atmosphere, plain colored material for a “pop” spirit, in clean lines and neutral tones for a “modern and design” style, and many more. Choose your bathroom vanity in the same colors and the same materials as the rest of your bathroom furniture. It will help you to create an overall perfect bathroom look, without which your bathroom is incomplete.

Final Words

This is a short guide on how to choose the best bathroom vanity. So next time when you are shopping for a vanity, don’t forget to apply these tips.


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