Raised bed gardening: everything you must know as a gardener


Raised bed gardening: everything you must know as a gardener

Planting seeds, growing the garden, and maintaining it can be pretty hard work. You may have a green thumb, but it does not necessarily guarantee that your garden would be the best looking one of the most productive. You also may not have enough space in your yard to start a garden. ]

To begin your gardening project efficiently and easily, you should opt for a DIY raised Planter Box. These boxes are like raised plant beds. It can fill the boxes with lightweight, nutrient-rich soil, which can increase your yield in much less space. Since these planter boxes are placed about ground level, they are very easy to maintain. They come in sizes that make it easy for you to pull out the weeds without bending down. Check out the following tips to have the best-raised garden without much effort.

First, find a spot

Even though you can put a planter box anywhere, you need to look for a few things before you put the planter box. Check for the region which gets the maximum sunlight during the day. This is the region where you want to put your planter box so that your plants can receive plenty of sun. Also, make sure that the specific area or shelter from rain and heavy winds does not destroy your garden.

Decide on the dimensions

Most people opt for planter beds that are either 3‘ x 4‘ wide or 3‘ x 3‘ wide. If you are planning to plant carrots or plants with long roots, you should go for planter beds at least 20 inches in height. Remember to keep the flower but at least 20 inches off the ground. If you face mobility issues, you can even opt for higher planters.

Check the material

What your planter box is made of is crucial. Make sure that the material is water and rot-resistant. You can either order your planter box online, make it yourself or buy it at your local stores but keep the material in mind.

Opt for the right soil mixture

If the soil in your area has a high clay or sand content, you should bulk buy soil in bulk. The best soil for raised beds is 70% organic compost and 30% topsoil. If you choose to order from online sources, you can have bulk soil delivered to your home.

Arrange the plants

When arranging the plant, keep in mind that the tallest plant should go in the center of your garden bed while the medium-size plants should be on either side of the tall plants. The short plants can go on the edges of the garden bed. This way, you will be able to attend to all the plans without any hassle. It will also be easier to spot weeds this way.

Keep these tips in mind when you start with your gardening project for guaranteed success.

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