Smartly Investing in Used Golf Course Mowers With These Tips

Mowers are the basic requirements for every golf course. Turf occupies more than half of the area in a golf course. It requires both rotary and reel mowers to execute the task faster with high level perfection. Where reels can work efficiently in tee box and fairway areas, rotary mowers are suitable for rough areas. Along with this, you may also need a gang or pull mower frame to cover a large area. Jacobsen golf course mowers are not the only equipment needed for maintenance. You need aerator, dethatcher, sprayer, blower, vacuum, top dresses and a lot of other stuff. It means a substantial investment. The biggest challenge is minimizing expenses without compromising turf maintenance quality. Mowers are more expensive than other equipment because of their powerful engines and highly efficient designs. If you smartly invest in used golf course mowers, cost can be lower down more than half. Scroll down to know how. 

 Tips to Buy Used Golf Course Mowers

1. Always ask for warranty against technical malfunctioning 

While investing in used Jacobsen golf course mowers, never forget to ask for a warranty against technical faults. Used machinery may look perfect from outside but who knows the internal conditions. If the parts are worn-out and not going to last longer, don’t waste your money. It is not possible to look inside every single aspect. However, you can ask for a warranty card covering against any technical fault. Warranty for used equipment has a short timespan between 3-6 months.

2. Compare all models of similar efficiency

When you visit their website, explore every single option available in the category you are looking for. Compare their efficiencies by including factors like number of blades support, year of manufacturing, brand value and total working hours. These stats will help in figuring out the best golf course mowers.

3. Don’t buy a discontinued model 

No matter how good its condition is, never buy a discontinued model. Finding original spare parts of these models is very difficult. Also, authorized service centers don’t provide technical support.

4. Check their nearest service centers

Visit the official website of the golf course mower manufacturer to make sure that their service centers are situated near your location. It would be great if an on site service option is also available because transportation of heavy and large equipment is also an expensive task. 

 If you consider these tips before buying a used golf course maintenance equipment, total cost can be lowered down substantially without quality compromise. 


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