Styles Not to Miss With Your Swimming Pool Tiles

Are you planning to refurbish that pool for the upcoming summer season? If yes, then definitely, most of us will stare at the backyard pool that has been at rest for a couple of months. Mostly during the 2021 summer season, most people will prefer to stay home and slay around the pool instead of visiting a public pool or the beachside. 

Well, lounging with your sweet family and friends, enjoying a cold cup of iced tea, and smelling the BBQ. What else can be better than that? There’s one thing that significantly impacts the overall experience. And that is none other than your swimming pool tiles. Give your pool a new edge with designs and ideas that reflect well. Here are a few ideas to give a try. 

Pearly Mosaics

You will come across glass mosaic tiles with an iridescent finish as they are one of the classic options. The sunshine and water reflect elegantly over these mosaics creating a colorful and sparkling pool for you to enjoy. They are naturally water-resistant, which makes them an ideal option for outdoor spaces like pools. You can experiment with a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs and intricately. Without any doubt, their grace and luxe feel will make your poolside area look like a high-end resort. 

Basic Solids 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your pool design as simple as you prefer. At times, architects also recommend going with the sleekest patterns as they work best with contemporary and modern aesthetic style homes. Like light-dark navy and shimmery blues, they are quite familiar with pool areas as they align ideally with water. The reflection helps with the pool safety and understanding the water depth and where the side walls are located. Going with something like a glossy turquoise mix will add an extra appeal to the pool design. 

Stone Look 

Stone swimming pool tiles have always been known for delivering a seamless and natural look, especially to every outdoor space. This is why it is still the best idea to keep the tiles at a bit distance from the pool, like keeping them on the pool deck or patio instead of in the collection. If you wonder why stone tiles are an ideal option, then let us tell you that they have a porous surface and can absorb water easily. There are various styles in porcelain tiles that imitate the look of stone tiles and give you the benefit of water resistance simultaneously. 

Mediterranean Paradise

Pools have always accommodated the Mediterranean touch, no matter what! Some individuals might not be obsessed with this style. However, shades like jelly and peanut butter work best for them. Besides, vibrant and bright colors like yellow, red, orange, bright white, and blue combined with painted tiles, rustic wood, and beautiful terracotta accents offer a beautifully appealing look. Make sure to try out outdoor colors that compliment all the elements around them without compromising style.  And guess what? Throw a few copper accents, a tiny fountain, or a lemon tree, and you will get that vibe that you are somewhere in Grecian Islands. 


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