The Divorce Preparation Checklist | Hire the Right Family Law Solicitor in Darlington

Do you belong to Darlington? Are you a couple looking for a divorce preparation checklist that could help you a certain way to get a divorce without affecting much wrath on your children’s life? If yes, then here’s a checklist that could help you prepare for your divorce. You may want to hire a family law solicitor in Darlington to help you with your divorce preparation.

Past records show that January’s start is usually considered the worst week as it gets the busiest week of the year for divorce solicitors in the UK. If you are among those who are considering divorcing amicably or otherwise, make sure that you go through this checklist of items in preparation for your divorce that you may not already know. 

Sure are some of the highlights that people don’t really know about the wars, even with the massive amount of media and focus on divorce cases in the entertainment industry and other industries. Hopefully, these five informative pieces will help you to understand the divorce scenario even better.

  • Divorce is just the ending of a binding contract legally – According to a legal stipulation, a couple must be married at least a year before filing for divorce. Realistically speaking, it will take at least six months for the divorce proceedings to go on.

  • You cannot get a divorce until you cross the 12-month mark – In a marriage, legal issues bind both the husband and wife together. For instance, both their assets become a shared asset. When the divorce finalized, the legal bind, binding of their shared assets free each of them to use their own assets free will. This, however, does not cover the arrangements to take care of the expenses of the children or where the dog lives.

  • You don’t quite have to sell the house – there is this perception that usually when a couple splits, the house they lived in is often the biggest asset and needs to be sold to divide the spoils of this marriage. It is naturally assumed that the assets become a shared asset in the instance of a divorce, but it is not so.

  • You can go about doing it yourself but are advised not to – more and more people are looking two settle their own divorces by the trend call to do it yourself divorce. The couple tends to bypass all expert advice and try to navigate themselves through the processes of the divorce. Most of the divorce procedure is usually just filling in the paperwork and filing it to the court. The couple tries to evade the expenses of divorce by doing all of these procedures themselves. However, by doing so, there are chances that one may fall in significant pitfalls during this process. The most important part to note is that the paperwork file for divorce is complicated. In fact, filing the wrong forms will cause unnecessary delays and incur an additional cost. My consulting experienced family law solicitors in Chesterfield and Darlington, in the UK, couples can avoid these pitfalls altogether and get a clean break from each other without much ado. Even though DIY divorce is entirely possible, you may end up incurring any extra costs instead of evading course.

  • There are no divorce rights in relation to your children – Generally, a divorcing couple believes that there are diverse rights in relation to their children. However, the court only concerns itself with the children’s best interest, not of the marriage. The court sees it that the right and apt financial requirements are fulfilled by both the parties towards their children and their upkeep. There are no other rights when it comes to divorce.

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