The holy land is the place of spirituality and carry religion believes

holy land

The Holy Land is a term refers to the kingdom of Israel. This term is related to the sacred place for the Christian. This term also carry the religion significance and related with the virtue. To the Christian the holy land is the birth place of the Jesus.

The life is always busy to doing worldly things and performing responsibilities. The central thought works behind this to acquire little peace and contentment. But at end the of all these things when you become frustrated and thinks that your daily life is not going well, then you should think of to going for Holy Land Toursor pilgrimage to experience difference. The pilgrimage is the journey to any sacred places. It connected with the belief and faith of the people on The God Almighty. All the followers of every religion such as, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam believes on the pilgrimage. The person who makes this type of journey is called a pilgrim. The main reason for going spiritual journey to gain peace, contentment and ask for God about the forgiveness entrusted by you knowingly or unknowingly. You can grateful to the god almighty for which he provided to you. More people are preferred the historical places or holy lands as referred in the testaments.

Christian Pilgrimage was first connected to the sites related to the birth, life, crucifixation and resurrection of Lord Jesus. Christians are believes that the pilgrimage is the invocation of relationship with Lord Jesus through him to the God. Pilgrimage is an important part of the Christian life. During the pilgrimage they seek separate their mind from the daily life of the world. They worship and spend time with Lord Jesus linked his physical existence.

Christian Spiritual Gifts are the endowment given by the holy spirits. This term comes from the Greek word charismata (gifts) and pneumatika (spirits). According to the Christian there so much controversy and confusion about this gifts among the believers. The Christian trust that these spiritual gifts have some supernatural power to defeat the devil. These gifts are worked for individuals because these are freely given by the God, it could not be earned or merited. These are the operations and reflection of the holy spirits. These gifts are used for benefits of the others and in the sense that these are granted by the church as a whole not by the individuals. There is diversity in the distribution of these gifts-an individual cannot possess all of the gifts. The purposes of the spiritual gift are to build up, encourage and comfort of the church. God gives the spiritual gifts to someone to maximum fulfillment of his/her wishes with minimum frustration.

According to the Bible the 9 spiritual gifts are: Wisdom, Knowledge, Discerning various spirits, Speaking in tongues, Interpretation of tongues, Prophecy, Faith, Working of miracles and Healing. 

It is important to know about the spiritual gifts of your mind, because knowing these you can help yourself in your daily life. We all need our self help in our daily life at some extent so it becomes divine after knowing all those spiritual things.

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