Tips & Tricks For Purchasing The Right Water pH Tester

Are you thinking of buying a pH level tester for water? If yes, then this article is mandatory for you. Here in this article, we have given some vital information that anyone who’s buying a water pH tester must know. The following information will help you to choose the right pH tester with the right way to calibrate your device:

What Is A pH Value?

The name “pH” stands for pondus Hydrogenium, or “weight of hydrogen”. The pH value in a liquid substance or solution is determined by the presence of hydrogen ions (H +) in relation to the hydroxide ions (OH-). In short, the pH value depends on the acids or bases that are found in a substance. Acids have more positively charged hydrogen protons found in liquids such as orange juice and vinegar. Bases contain more negatively charged hydroxide ions. These are found in food items like ammonia and milk.

What Is A Water Ph Meter?

A water pH meter is a scientific instrument that measures the pH value of water. A water pH tester can determine the acidity of the water. This acidity can vary between 0 and 14.

A Ph Meter Has Two Basic Parts:

  • A Special Measuring Head

This is connected to an electronic voltmeter. The measuring head of a ph meter contains two electrodes that measure the activity of hydrogen ions.

  • The Glass Electrode

This is attached to a glass light that acts as an electrode that captures the pH value.

A second electrode contains mercury chloride, potassium chloride or silver-silver chloride. This electrode has a neutral pH balance against which the pH value of the substance is measured.

  • The electrodes are located in one measuring head or several measuring heads. The smaller models of pH meters have a single measuring head which is the size of a pen.

When the instrument is in the solution, the two electrodes act like a battery that creates an electric shock. The voltmeter measures the difference between the two electrodes using a small voltage of about 0.06 volts per pH unit. This process is called ion exchange, in which the ions in the instrument and the substance are exchanged. A significant difference in the voltage between the electrodes and the solution also means a big difference in hydrogen ions’ activity.

How Do You Calibrate A Ph Meter?

It is essential to use a properly calibrated portable ph meter to know the measurements. You have to do the calibration before your first measurement. Do you use the pH meter regularly? If yes, then Make sure you periodically recalibrate your pH meter. This ensures reliable measurements. While your pH readings must be accurate to the decimal place, make sure to calibrate the meter before each reading. 

Things Use For Calibration:

  • Your pH meter
  • A neutral pH buffer or calibration solution of pH-7
  • A second pH buffer or calibration solution of pH-4 or pH-10
  • Distilled water

The Steps For Calibrating Your Ph Meter

  1. Turn on the pH meter and give it time to warm up (check the manual of your pH meter for this)
  2. Select two pH buffers with fixed pH values. Advice for this is a calibration fluid of pH 7 (neutral) and the second fluid of pH-4 or pH-10.
  3. Rinse the electrode of your pH meter with distilled water. Then dry the electrode carefully with clean paper.
  4. Make sure the electrode and the calibration solutions are at the same room temperature. Because you have just rinsed the electrode with distilled water, it may be a bit colder than the pH buffer. Then wait a while until they are at the same temperature. When the two are at the same temperature, put the pH meter in the pH-7 calibration solution and press “calibrate”.
  5. Rinse the electrode of your pH meter with distilled water. Then dry the electrode carefully with clean paper. Repeat step 4 for the second pH buffer.
  6. After calibration or calibration, the pH meter is ready for use!

Final Words

So this was a short guide on what is a pH tester and every important information about it. We hope the above information helps you to buy the best ph tester.

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