Transitioning To Your Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle

Going green is the way of life in the present but to make the transition, you first must understand the concept. Going green means embracing a way of life that helps preserve the environment. It involves reducing, reusing, and recycling items but it is a mindset that shapes an environmentally-mindful lifestyle that aims to protect the environment and preserve natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity.


1. Why You Should Go Green

There are so many reasons why you should go green besides helping the planet.

As for the planet, it will benefit from less pollution, less waste, conserving natural forests and any efforts to maintain the ecological balance on Earth so all living things can thrive in their natural habitat.


However, going green also has benefits for your wallet, your home, your workplace and the economy at large. In a nutshell, we will divide these elements in three dimensions:

Economic benefits

Energy-efficient devices are designed to get the job done while using less energy. Using less energy translates to a lower energy bill that takes the biggest chunk of your monthly household expenses. Generally, using renewable energy like solar and wind power protects us from rising electricity prices so it will save us money over the long-run. Green living also comes with incentives like tax credits and rebates. It also makes our homes and devices more durable and increases their lifespan, helping us lower the cost of repairs and maintenance.


Health benefits

Air pollution is dangerous for our health on so many levels. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and reducing pollutants is far easier than combating the consequences of air pollution if we allow it to get even worse. Going green also implies eating fresh and organic food which is much more nutritious as it takes less time for it to ‘arrive’ to our plate. Supporting local producers also benefits the local economy. Whether you want to face it or not, the health of our environment directly affects our own health.


Environmental benefits

Through responsible farming practices, we get to show Nature some respect in return for all the abundance we have been given. Through electric cars, we get to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Through energy-efficient habits, we get to reduce our own carbon footprint.


2. Simple Tips for Transitioning To A More Green Lifestyle

Being green sometimes seems like a never ending and expensive adventure but there’s no reason to spend a fortune to make your life greener.


Install a smart thermostat

This simple device will make your AC more efficient, increasing your comfort, saving energy and

reducing your Reliant Energy costs along the way. Over time, this device will pay for itself.


Adopt an energy-efficient and eco-friendly mindset

Unplug devices when they are not in use. Turn off lights. Cover pans when cooking to prevent the heat from escaping. Save water by taking shorter showers or installing an inexpensive low flow shower head. Make green gifts by gifting experiences instead of commercial goods. Grow your own food in your garden. The list is never-ending- it’s time to get creative!


Introduce Meatless Mondays

Even a small step counts and skipping meat is no exception. Try cutting back on it once for week and use the day to find some creative recipes or find a vegan alternative of your favorite meat-based meal.


Make your own products

From homemade cleaning to cosmetics, DIY is the universe you want to be a part of. You will be healthier as you will reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, and you will save a ton of money. Moreover, you will be surprised how effectively vinegar and lemon essential oil can clean the entire house.



By going green, we do our part in building a healthier environment for all living creatures, both current and future generations. Do you want a future without clear water and air where you are exposed to a ton of waste along with harsh climate changes? Probably not. A greener ‘planet’ can only be the result of green living so each one of us has to do his or her part in making that better future come to life. You don’t have to make a massive transition overnight, just do it one step at a time – as long as it’s in the right direction, even the smallest effort counts.

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