Understanding the Link Between Indoor Air Quality and Employee Productivity

It is great to have productive employees in your team. Skills, creativity, learning ability and there are several traits of a productive employee. However, these qualities cannot help when a productive employee is not in good physical or mental health. The environment at the workplace can affect the physical health, mental health and productivity of an employee. Therefore, you must provide a safe and comfortable workspace to your employees. You need to tailor the workspace environment to help your employees achieve their maximum productivity. You can make and implement worker-friendly policies, create office settings and provide facilities that make them feel comfortable, safe and motivated to make their best possible contribution to the team. However, there is another important aspect that is under-addressed or not addressed at all. 

Workplace air quality should not be ignored. If there is no smoke in the building, this does not mean that there are no pollutants present in your workplace. In addition to having proper ventilation, you also need to use the best IAQ product to remove pollutants that you cannot see with your eyes. These pollutants can be more powerful than smoke. Volatile organic compounds have negative impacts on health and as a result on productivity as well. This is the reason why you should monitor indoor air quality and use the right IAQ solution.

IAQ and Employee Productivity

If you don’t find the effects of indoor air quality on productivity convincing, there are some studies to convince you. The Columbia University, the University of California at San Diego and the University of Southern California did a study. This study involved salaried workers. The salary was given on the basis of the weight of the fruit they picked.

Researchers compared daily air quality and daily salary of employees on different days. They found that the earnings of workers were minimum on the days when the ground level Ozone readings were the highest. This indicates that employees were the least productive when there was poor indoor air quality. The employees’ efficiency was reduced by 3 to 5%.

Keep in mind that ground level ozone is not a that serious issue. Now apply the same observations to carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and other indoor pollutants. The same researchers did a study in a factory in which particulate matter exposure was high. They measured the productivity of workers and the level of pollutants in the indoor air. They concluded that indoor air quality definitely affected the productivity of employees. The particulate matter they investigated were present both outdoors and indoors. However, the concentration of particulate matter is high inside buildings especially when there is poor ventilation. Car emissions, fires and there can be many other sources of particulate matter. You cannot see tiny solid particles mixed into the air. However, your employees inhale these particles that can cause a variety of health problems. Modern workplaces have a limited number of Windows. Windows and doors are often sealed to control the environment inside. The air does not move in and out. This supports air pollutants build up. The impact of indoor air quality on the productivity of an employee also depends on the nature of the job. For example, an employee working in a traditional factory needs more air as the job requires more energy. The concentration of pollutants entering the body of the employee is high.

Improved IAQ and Employee Productivity

Contrary to what many believe, improving air quality is very inexpensive. This is an important investment. Install an IAQ product and improve both indoor air quality and employee productivity. An indoor air quality solution is an affordable eco-friendly solution. 

Managing Indoor Quality

To improve indoor air quality, first of all, you need to identify the sources of pollutants. It is not possible to remove all sources of pollutants. If available, you can use eco-friendly alternatives to those sources. Deep clean your air and heating units. Install an IAQ product that can kill pollutants to improve indoor air quality.

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