You Scored!! 3 of the Best CBD Hemp Flowers

best CBD hemp flower

Probably we all want to find the best CBD hemp flower because the experience is better, the saviors are the best and the therapeutics are more beneficial.  These are all things that make a hemp flower the best but what it is may be more involved. The CBD content has a lot to do with it if you are looking for health benefits. All the cannabinoids together along with all the other natural compounds provide the experience and all the savors.

The Best CBD Hemp Flowers – The Blood Diamond of it All

The Blood Diamond CBD hemp flower goes sexy at a whopping 24% CBD content. This makes it a prime hemp flower for CBD oil extraction, a plethora of health benefits and effects that will win you over every time. It is generally grown indoors in Oregon, is organic and is a super premium flower at 26.54% total cannabinoids. 

Blood Diamond CBD hemp flower goes sexy with relaxing affects and savors of fresh air, sweet citrus and pine. It is an indica type so the reason it brings relaxation. The cultivars were very particular with this hemp flower so gingerly selected the seeds to exhibit large stellar potent buds. The large bud is sticky with trichome resin and the color is an interesting multi-shaded.

The cultivar hand trims the Blood Diamond CBD hemp bud, so it is exquisitely shaped. It is not all about beauty, but the attractiveness of the CBD hemp flower goes sexy group do land on the top shelf.  Each of these are 3rd party lab tested for compliance to 2018 Farm Bill regulations. 

The Best of CBG Hemp Flowers – White Widow CBG 

White Widow is primarily highlighted by an abundance of the phytocannabinoids referred to as Cannabigerol (CBG). The long dense flower has a luscious coating of frosty crystallized trichomes.  That means there is a good supply of terpenes. 

The savors of White Widow CBG is amazing with floral, earthy, and spicy tones and a pungent after waft. Its high-CBG content stands at 17%. The impressive terpene profile make this a great strain for relieving perceptions of inflammation related issues.  White Widow CBG’s diverse terpene content gives an uplift and a clear head. In order to preserve the CBG cannabinoid, cultivators must harvest the plant prior to CBG branching into the production of other cannabinoids. For this reason, some cultivators hesitate to harvest hemp flowers high in CBG because they do not want to lose the other high cannabinoids like CBD. 


White Widow earns its name because of a white, frosted appearance. The frost is because of the heavy resin content it contains and is one of the factors making it a definite top-shelf flower for beauty.  This best of CBG hemp flowers is a sativa dominant hybrid born from crossing two landrace strains – one from Brazil and one from India. The hybrid produces the iconic best CBD hemp flowers with an impressive amount of terpene.

White Widow CBG Hemp Flower Therapeutics

CBG has almost as many health benefits as CBD so it is fast becoming one of the best CBG hemp flowers.  Pain and inflammation are primary health benefits from the White Widow CBG hemp.  These are two problems that a multitude of people are plagued with and pharmaceuticals are ineffective many times. 

CBG, like CBD and other cannabinoids, supports the healthy functioning of the Endocannabinoid System. Some other potential health benefits of CBG are as follows:

  • Muscle spasms,
  • Migraines and headaches,
  • Lower back pain,
  • Mental fog,
  • Fatigue.

The Best CBD Hemp Flower – The “Haze” CBD Hemp Flowers

The “haze CBD hemp flowers are in a class of their own and special everyone. Let’s look at two of the “haze” class. 

The First “Haze” – Honolulu Haze

Honolulu Haze is the best option for a user looking for a consistent, enjoyable CBD smoke for both day and night use. Honolulu Haze is a bright green bud covered in sticky trichomes. A cross between Hawaiian Haze and AF6, it has 20.5% CBD and 23.98% total cannabinoids

The Honolulu Haze strain hemp was birthed from the union of Hawaiian Haze and AF6. The former is a sweet, earthy hybrid beloved for its sativa-leaning effects. The Hawaiian Haze strain sports a musty, woody flavor that blends together with a strong sweetness for a delectable taste experience. An intense, tropical aroma rolls over the tongue with floral influence and holds a kick of cinnamon and pine for a final tease of the senses.

The other parent strain is AF6 which is rare.  What we do know is that it boasts strong sativa effects that mix together with mild indica effects for a calm and controlled buzz.  The effects will not cease productive thought or control so it could be used in the daytime because it does not sedate you, it merely gives a state of heightened calm. 

Sweet and earthy smoke end up with all the spectrum of savors. After the smoke glides over your tongue, it gives off the taste of moist, fresh cut grass.  The flavors provide a multi-dimensional experience for the user. Another fact is that the Honolulu Haze is on tap for both veterans and beginners.

The Second “Haze” — Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a sativa dominant strain with a range of 15% to 21% CBD content and within the legal limit of 0.3% THC. Its users report a span of sensations from “head in the clouds” to simply a “more social feeling” for the evening with friends. It does energize so is not a strain for the evening. 

The aromatherapy experience when Hawaiian Haze is lit up provides fragrances exploding juicy peach and hints of lavender.  Hawaiian Haze smoke experience is a rich, but in no way is it cough-inducing, important for those who have respiratory sensitives.  CBD Hemp Flower, Hawaiian Haze presses to the sharp aroma of pineapple/citrus and back ended with wafts of earthy floral with a tropical island experience.  

Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower has therapeutic benefits to include relief from body aches and mild pain. After experimenting with many types of pain medications, one user reported amazing relief from shoulder and back pain in a short period of time.  

It also effectively reduces stress, depression and mild anxiety. It is the strain that helps eliminating fatigue and lethargy from minds and bodies. When cancer patients are going through treatments one of the side effects is loss of appetite. Some hits of Hawaiian Haze can bring on hunger and a renewed appetite as well as reducing nausea.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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